Motion Was Passed!!

A motion for making vacant council buildings available for use as homeless shelters was put forward by Tom Druitt and seconded by David Gibson. It was unanimously voted on and passed on Thursday 26th January 2017. An urgent report will now be put together and heard at the next policy, resources & growth committee meeting.


We have been told by councillors that this is unlikely to be ready in practical terms until next winter. In the meantime we plan to keep the pressure up on the council with regard to (SWEP ) Severe Weather Emergency Protocol.

To support in keeping the pressure up you could consider emailing and to express (or demand) that the council must change their arbitrary decision making process when deciding whether to activate SWEP or not. They should be applying the charity ‘Homeless Link’s guidance of ‘Extended Winter Provision’ from November through to February for folk living on the streets. Instead of waiting for it to be below zero for three consecutive nights. They need to consider the rain, wind and other conditions which also have a severe impact.

F.Y.I. Homeless Link guidance


Call for emergency homeless shelters to remain open throughout winter

Pressure is growing on Brighton and Hove City Council to extend the opening times of emergency homeless shelters in the cold winter months.

Activists said ‘Severe Weather Emergency Protocol’ (SWEP) was activated in Brighton and Hove as temperatures dropped over the weekend and on Monday night, but halted again on Tuesday as the weather was no longer deemed to be extreme.



The First Base centre in St Stephens Hall on Montpelier Place was used as emergency shelter for rough sleepers during SWEP. Entry was permitted from 8pm onwards, with no referral or local connection needed.

Campaigners are now heaping pressure on councillors to protect rough sleepers by extending the scope of SWEP to last throughout the winter, rather than for isolated periods of extreme weather.

Ree Melody, of campaign group Love Activists Brighton, said: “The council needs to change their arbitrary decision making process and consider the severe impact which the rain, wind and other conditions have on those living on our streets, instead of waiting for it to become below zero temperatures for three consecutive nights running.”

Currently the requirements state that three consecutive nights at zero or below is the minimum requirement to activate SWEP responses.

The Love Activists group has been lobbying the council to apply ‘Extended Winter Provision’ as advised by the guidance from the charity Homeless Link, which would make it possible for councils to open emergency centres from November through to March.

A Homeless Link report which aims to advise local authorities on providing appropriate responses for people sleeping rough says the authority in question should consider factors ‘such as wind chill, snow coverage and duration of extreme weather’ when considering adequate provision.

It adds the aim of the protocol is to prevent deaths on the streets and local authorities should do everything they can to prevent harm.

Ms Melody said: “Love Activists have been lobbying the council for the past couple of years for SWEP to be open throughout winter with our other Solution Based Proposals To End Homelessness.”

These proposals include the activation of SWEP not only throughout the winter months but also in any weather which threatens rough sleepers’ health, as well as imposing affordable social rents on private landlords to ensure everyone can afford a home.

Cllr Clare Moonan, the council’s lead member for rough sleeping, said: “We do appreciate that people are concerned about rough sleepers, and especially in cold weather, and that is why we have asked everyone to support the Make Change Count campaign organised with local homeless charities this winter. With our partners, and under the Rough Sleeping Strategy, we work hard to make sure vulnerable people on our streets are cared for, not just in extreme weather, but throughout the year, and welcome the regular discussion about this at committee meetings and full council. The services we provide in extreme weather are to provide additional emergency support on top of the other services already being provided, and we do take into account weather conditions other than zero temperatures.”

A 38Degrees petition addressed to Brighton and Hove councillor for the homeless Clare Moonan demanding open night shelters for rough sleepers has now been signed by almost 4,000 people.

At tonight’s (January 26) Full Council meeting Green councillor Tom Druitt is set to put forward a motion requesting urgent action on the homelessness crisis.

Original article here

Statement Regarding the Proposed Gentrification of King’s House

Love Activists Brighton condemn the ongoing gentrification of our city while homeless people continue to die on our streets. How many more vulnerable human beings will die whilst Brighton & Hove City Council and UK Gov. Plc pass the buck? BHCC offer fine words regarding homelessness but that is all they can offer, because it seems that neither our local authority, nor parliament wield any actual power. The real power lies with the 1%, who evidently care not for the suffering of others.

Kings House should be an asset of community value, used to provide truly affordable and accessible homes for those on the council’s housing waiting list and for those currently without a home. It could be used to expand the successful Housing First model, which has ended homelessness in other parts of the world.

Economically, it would save tax payers money to provide much needed permanent homes in the city rather than funding the extortionately priced and often unkempt emergency and temporary accommodation.

The people of Brighton do not need any more luxury flats.


Street Stories Exhibition

People who are experiencing homelessness are contributing a ‘Street Stories’ Corner as an inclusive part of the Brighton Art Market (BAM) event.

Exhibiting photos taken by people who are experiencing different types of homelessness. Living on the street, in emergency & temporary accommodation, b&bs, hostels, squatting, sofa surfing, living on the road, the hidden homeless.


There is also a ‘Street Story’ book which everyone is invited to write in. To share their homeless related stories for others to read.

The Street Stories exhibition is facilitated by Love Activists BrightonOpSafe Winter -Brighton. Two of Brighton’s grassroots outreach groups, who stand in solidarity with folk who are homeless in our city, helping to provide survival aid & campaign for an end to homelessness.


The ‘Street Stories’ corner will be set up again this Saturday 28th May 11-4pm in Brighthelm Gardens (Just off Queens Road).

We welcome volunteers & collaboration. Please email loveactivists(at) if you would like to get involved!

Street Stories Event Page



Love Activists Brighton STENCIL KIT – ‘Capture It’

Many thanks to Ann Narkeh and Ree for putting together this Capture It alphabet ready to print for a stencil and banner making session, in time for the March With The Homeless in Brighton this Saturday. Capture It is one of Love Activists Brighton’s currently preferred fonts!

Right click on each of the images below and select save image as to download.

You can also download the Capture it Font FREE from


STREET STORY: The Cost of Punishment

The word is that if a person gets exploited by the criminal justice system and put inside for less than 12 months for say repeatedly begging (asking for help!) or somesuch, it costs an average of 68k per year.

The state has no obligation to house you and you’re slung onto the street with a £49 discharge grant. Put on an ‘at risk’ licence but receive no supervision or support!:/

That helps with the perpetual cycle of homelessness and coercion into possibly criminal activities doesn’t it?

Join the Love Activists Bloc, #GeneralStrike #J4 July 4th

The Lobbying and Direct Action crew have set up a facebook event page to rally for a Love Activists Bloc at the #ToriesOut #GeneralStrike on July 4th, #J4.

Join us at the general strike to protest against empty homes, homelessness and the absence of compassion on our streets!



– Drums
– Other things to make noise
– A smile

Main event page for Brighton:

Love Activists Bloc:


An Operational Manual for the Brighton Branch of the Love Activists Movement

This is a guide for anyone new to Love Activists who would like to get involved. This document will be updated routinely, based on our personal experiences in Brighton. If you have any comments or questions, please email


Last updated: 12th March, 2016






We are a leaderless movement. This does not mean we are without leaders. The only reason we have gotten this far is because we have all been leaders. We have all taken the initiative to do the thing that needs to be done to make the things happen. Many hands make light work. Together we have already proven that we are capable of amazing things!


We have thrived by virtue of the fact that we are non party political. It is difficult to acknowledge the support of players in a pantomime which has become so dangerously  detached from reality, but there are a few brave individuals, slaving away in Parliamentary bureaucracy for the greater good. These noble souls, who are striving  for a saner, kinder politics we happily acknowledge, respect and endorse wholeheartedly as individuals, if not as members of political parties.


We have also thrived by virtue of our no-money policy, which has made it easier to practise universal peace, love and respect in all that we have done so far and are continuing to do.


Love Activism has grown a lot over the last year and it’s continuing to grow, in Brighton and beyond.


It’s about supporting each other so that we can all be the strong leaders that we need to be.


Good stuff will only keep happening if people keep stepping up to do it and if we all support them when they do!


This  document is intended to be a ‘how to’ guide to our interpretation of  Love Activism so far. It’s basically about taking personal leadership of  an individual aspect of a plan to get good stuff done collectively.  It’s about listening to each other’s experiences and ideas and  supporting each other’s work.


So far, we’ve organically developed into four crews. Most of these crew members overlap and multitask the various responsibilities. Most of these working groups organise via closed groups on facebook. If you are interested in getting involved, please send a request to join the relevant group.


    • Admin Crew
    • Love Kitchen Crew
    • Press and Media Crew
    • Lobbying and Direct Action Crew


Admin Crew


The admin crew are responsible for co-ordinating communication between all the different working groups, volunteers, supporters and the wider Love Activist community.


We suggest that anyone who wants to join the admin team should already be volunteering in another working group, in order to have the necessary experience and understanding of all the stuff we do.


We try to respond to messages as and when they come and forward them to the relevant people and the relevant working groups.


We network with other groups and share important and informative material as far and wide as possible.


We help support with setting up event pages for the love kitchen, meetings and other direct actions. We also make efforts to share campaigns and events organised by other groups.

A lot of what the admin crews do is just forwarding messages for the other crews.



  • Messages for the Kitchen


If someone asks to volunteer we usually encourage them to come to the Love Kitchen on a Sunday. If they are offering a donation we suggest the same. We DO NOT accept cash donations. If they can’t attend the kitchen but would like to donate food, clothing, or other useful items, then try asking other volunteers in the relevant organisational group if they can arrange a collection or be a drop off point if someone is willing to deliver.


This will be when your interpersonal communication skills will really come into play, as you will need to help find a suitable time for both volunteers and for the kind people donating stuff.


Volunteers make an effort to take pictures on their phones of all donations of food and equipment. These pictures can then be posted online to thank the people who donated, also to keep a record of stuff which has been kindly given, to show what is possible when we work together. (Please send pictures/details to the admin of the main FB page to share if you are not an editor/admin of the page)


  •  Messages from the Press


Press and media related enquiries should be forwarded to the ‘Love Activists Brighton Press and Media team’, ideally by posting it to their group page on facebook.


  • Messages from the Council/Police/Authorities


The ‘Love Activists Brighton Lobbying and Direct Action’ crew use the riseup email account for correspondance with the local authorities quite a lot. If you spot a relevant message on the FB pages which they haven’t picked up on please forward it to them.


  • Solidarity Messages


You may also receive general messages of support and solidarity or requesting support and solidarity. We are a community network, and we encourage solidarity. We encourage supportive reposting of campaigns who are aligned with our own, as we encourage attendance at our comrades’ demonstrations, protests and direct actions.


We are expressly not party political, though we appreciate the support of people who are and we will sometimes repost party political campaigning materials. If in doubt about posting political stuff, ask the lobbying and direct action group.


We are saddened by how some of the UK’s charities are funded. We appreciate the work of their amazing frontline volunteers, but we do not feel that rewarding CEOs with 6 figure salaries to gamble the UK’s generosity on an unstable stock market is the best use of people’s money.


We trust our admins’ judgement – there haven’t been any controversial or contentious postings yet – if there ever are, we will deal with them democratically.


As well as managing messages, the admin crew also manage comments and posts. In order to make sure all the volunteers are okay with what we post, we suggest only re-sharing content from pages which relate to our cause.


As a movement, despite our main focus being that of homelessness we do support many other causes.See this article for the original list of things we are for:

Try to respond to all comments on social media, saying a big thank you for all the generous support we get. If you see any negative comments or posts we suggest apologising for how they’re feeling, empathising with what they’re talking about and making a recommendation that they are welcome to message the page in private so we can deal with the problem in a positive way.


Finally, you are there to deal with any issues that may arise from other working groups. If you receive any messages from concerned volunteers try to deal with them to the best of your knowledge and work with the rest of the team as much as possible. Don’t take it all on your own shoulders.


Love Kitchen Crew


There are many things people do to help out with the regular Sunday love kitchen.



Firstly, people just come and hang out at kitchen. A friendly crew with a good vibe is the most important element. If you are a musician or have a soundsystem – good music always helps!



The kitchen needs some people to serve tea & coffee,  some to organise collecting hot water and surplus food donations from the community, including supportive individuals, shops, businesses, restaurants and cafes.


After a while, you will get a feel for where your skills are useful. You may feel like hosting a kitchen yourself. Usually for first timers we try to have one of the more experienced volunteers come with you, to help with any questions or concerns you might have.


In order to host a Love Kitchen you should choose a date that’s not already taken on our calender which is posted on the Love Kitchen Organisational Crew facebook page


When hosting the kitchen you will be responsible for collecting the kitchen equipment which is packed into two wheelie bags along with a foldable lightweight table. You will need to transport it on foot (or in yr vehicle or bike trailer if you have one) and help set it up with the help of other volunteers.


The bags contain a stove, 5 litre hot water flask for making hot drinks, some cooking equipment, tea/coffee and donated food. There should also be some street sheets with information on local services and some binbags to organise rubbish and recycling. It is good to fill the 5 litre flask with hot boiling water before setting off if possible. When arriving on-site you should first set up the table and stove and start heating up any food. (Obviously, ensuring gas cannisters are in place correctly before use)
When the 5 litre pump flask needs re-filling, we usually ask nearby shops, cafes, pubs etc. We set up the flask and boxes/jars of tea/coffee and milk and the stove on the marble side when set up at the clocktower, setting up other food stuff on the table. Be sure to take bin bags with you and organise the rubbish for recycling.
After the kitchen, the equipment needs to be securely stored for that week. This is organised ad-hoc by the Kitchen crew. Please don’t add more kit than is necessary. When we run out of supplies, or if anything gets lost or broken, please message the organisational page immediately so we can repair or replace items as necessary. If you are also an admin, please update this information to the wishlist. There are numerous files to keep track of what equipment we have and where on the organisational page on facebook.


Volunteers are keen to cook for the kitchen. When setting up the event page for the Love Kitchen it is advised to do shoutouts asking people to bring cooked food. There is sometimes food surplus which people can use to cook with. Hosts of the kitchen also cook sometimes. All of this can be coordinated via the Love Kitchen Organisational Crew facebook page.


To set an event page up as Love Activists Brighton you will need to ask to join the admin crew and be made an editor of the page.


If any food donations come in, it’s up to everyone how to make use of them and you may want to come up with meal ideas using what has been donated. No meat – all vege. No rice or beansprouts to minimise risk of food poisoning. Finally, during the setup please make sure you are sticking to Health & Safety guidelines. Make sure to use the provided hand sanitiser/wear disposable gloves when handling food or beverages, cover all surfaces which you are preparing or serving food from and exercise good common sense.


After the initial setup everything should run smoothly. Just make sure to keep the flasks regularly topped up and keep the food coming!


Press & Media Crew

PRESSMEDIAGROUPPAGEThe press and media crew presents the public face of Love Activists. We wrote the first draft of this document!

This team is responsible for; dealing with press interviews, enquiries, producing placards and banners, designing and executing social media campaigns and producing the Love Activists’ forthcoming regular newsreel!


You might want to write an article, produce a video, or you might want to help research angles on other stories or actions.


You might want to help design placards, banners and other arty stuff for the Direct Action crew or you might want to help putting together, printing and distributing the final edition online and in print.


The Press & Media crew can now communicate, network and organise through our facebook group.


Lobbying & Direct Action Crew




This team are responsible for coming up with new tactics and strategies to campaign for an end to homelessness, and for social, economic and environmental justice through the power of peace, love and respect!


This crew also keeps track of local council and central government doings.


All updates are posted on the group page. To take leadership in this group means being responsible for administrating petitions, arranging and attending meetings lobbying officials, organising protests, conducting research, arranging marches and direct actions which communicate effectively.



Unfortunately for any cheeky undercover coppers, this isn’t a team for planning any violent, dangerous or illegal direct actions – we’ll leave that for you and your mates to sort out!


The Lobbying and Direct Action crew can now communicate, network and organise through our facebook group.


Safer Spaces Policy


As a movement we are all responsible for keeping each other safe, so we have a safer spaces policy to ensure everyone is safe, happy and comfortable.


– Don’t be out of order
– No racism, sexism, homophobia or any form of prejudice
– Controlling or dominating behaviour is also unnacceptable
– Our initial response to contraventions of this policy would be to do our best to de-escalate any stressful situations.
– Our final response to contraventions of this policy will be the silent treatment, or if necessary we’ll all just leave
– Anyone who uses or threatens violence will be automatically fed to the pigs

STREET STORY: Have 2 More People Died On Our Streets?


Heard news last night that 2 more homeless people have died last weekend. Unsure of who yet. Will be calling the police station for any info.

When we rang the past couple of times over the past few months after hearing of the deaths of other people, the senior street community police officer ‘Sergeant Siggs’ failed to call us with any info or to even just say he wouldn’t be able to share any info due to data protection, nothing. Despite expressing that we were trying to find out whether the guy who had been found was someone we knew or not, for ourselves and others living on the street. We still have no answer to whether one of the guys we knew is dead or alive 😦

We rang back after another person died 3 weeks afterwards and voiced the upset from hearing no response when we previously called and needing to make another request for info about someone else. The officer i spoke to was most apologetic and reassured me that she would ask Siggs to call back … we never had any response.

We have also heard a report that when Officer Siggs was on duty recently, in plain clothes kicked at someone asleep on the street to wake them up (the police routinely do this at around 6/7am apparently). We have heard that the officers do this instead of shaking them by their body as less intrusive!? Siggs told us they do it to encourage people to go to First Base. The police tell them that if they refuse or don’t use the services for various reasons, whatever they are, they are not considered or respected. Instead they get arrested.

The person asleep when woken apparently didn’t know him as an officer, and the fact that he was in plain clothes too, the person felt vulnerable and hit out at his leg worried that someone was starting on them. Siggs arrested them. The person was later released as CCTV footage showed that Siggs had kicked him first. No charges were applied.

People on the street are reporting back that officers, including Siggs are on a mission waking people up and telling them to move on or they will be taken into custody 😦

If anyone has any info/news on the two deaths deaths last weekend please let us know. We heard one young guy was found dead near the Brighton Wheel.

Minutes from Love Kitchen Organisational Meeting 29/2/16

Love Kitchen Organisational Meeting

Monday 29th February
The Cowley Club – 7-9pm

Meeting Chair – Ree Melody & Claire Cant
Minute Taker – Sharron Davis Price

*Most suitable food

Feedback from people living on the street:       

Jacket potato with beans and cheese, mild curry (wrap in foil and put in a container to keep them warm).

Feedback from the group:

It’s really important to have healthy food. Soup is good as hot and drinkable. Fresh Fruit, especially bananas. Jacket potatoes.

Anything hot. Make sure include enough protein. Need carbohydrate to keep warm, but protein is good for repair. Good quality protein, lentils and beans.

Now it’s coming up to summer, need to think for the future, so not just soup.

No rice or beansprouts as there is a risk of campylobacta.

*Supply from surplus groups and other surplus: is there enough supply and if not are we making use of all available.

Fareshare (are they willing to offer for free?).

Have established connections with Food Waste Collective – quarterly, it is dried food including quinoa and soya mince etc.  Get emailed need to go and collect it. Ground almonds, amarand.  The next one is the first week of April.

Can collect supplies from the Junk Food Project on a Friday (1pm) as they have a food bank.

Need to contact Junk Food Project, we have emailed a list of food that is useful for the kitchen – need to contact them to arrange picking it up.

Most pubs do nut roasts on a Sunday, is it possible to get the nut roast from the pub.

Are supermarkets supposed to give away unused food? Can we target them? Locally the supermarkets give food to the Junk Food Project.

Could recruit more local cafes/businesses to donate their surplus too. Get bread from the flowerpot café – but haven’t had anything for the last few weeks, it would be good to find another supplier for bread. Need to be careful not to have mouldy bread. The Real Patiserrie will donate bread. Marmalade will also donate. Clare has experience of Greggs offering food in other areas. – this is a food sharing app. Note post meeting, there is a launch of Olio at One Church on Saturday, 1 til 4, would be good if a representative from Love Kitchen could attend.

*Cooking – Need a cooking rota for people who can cook the day before or that morning and drop food off?


Action: Sandra – linking up with Fareshare – for example coffee

Action: Jacky to go to the next Food Waste Collective information meeting.

Action: Jason to set up a list of what supplies are where on google docs or an alternative potentially zoho docs.

Action: Ree to set up a list of supplies available on the love kitchen organisational page.

Action: Karlos to include a general list of what to get with vouchers etc when hosting.

Action: Adam to contact Real Junk Food Project – need to make this a formalised regular process, they have a lot of food.

Action: Alex offered to help to transport food.

Action: Dom to make bread on a Sunday – Ree has bread flour.

Action: Sandra to set up a file on the Organisation page to track requests made to cafes and shops for surplus food.

Action: Jason to set up the request tracking as a document.

Action: All check with other cafes and report back on the Love Kitchen page.

Action: Vicky to ask the Food Waste Collective to have a copy of the food disclaimer form.

Action: All – try to have hot food for one o’clock when it is cold day.

Action: All add your names to the cooking calendar.

* Recycling and compost.

Brighton compost bin access number 1066. Has to be tested and locate one we can use.

* Keeping things safe and presentable at the kitchen

It will be tourist season soon and don’t want to give any reason to close down the kitchen.


Action: Vicky to check on compost bin access number again with Dave.

Action: All need to have bin bags and to clear it away – rather than putting it in the council bins.

Action: All to keep things tidy.

Action: Josh – Create the Friendly Guide to Hosting.

Action: Josh – The need to clear away the bins needs to be added to the hosting guide.

Action: Owner required. Need hand washing facilities and gloves.

Action: Josh – Need to be careful when replacing gas bottles on the cooker – needs to go in the guidelines.

Action: Ree – Get a simple first aid kit.

Action: Owner required – Investigate training of First Aid.

* Love Kitchen Calendar – Where volunteers can put their name down for hosting/motivating the Love Kitchen on the Sundays they are available.

* Storage and transport –  Would it be useful to look into some sort of central storage space to keep things? Is current storage and transport working okay – currently generally gets taken to Karlos’s house? Will try to find somewhere for free, but could potentially fundraise/crowdfund to pay for a central storage space? Electric bike with trailer? Could also crowdfund for this.

Need to arrange where the food is stored, have lots of food in different place. Offer to store dry food stuff at Karlos. He is moving at the end of June.

There is a product table and a couple of suitcases etc – no problem storing at Karlos’s house, but an overhead for people to pick it up.

Communication: We have a phone.  Need to make sure the host has the phone, needs to go in the hosting guidelines – or maybe the admin team could keep the phone.


Action: Ree to update wish list on the kitchen page.

Action: Ree to add wish lists to website.

Action: All -ask to be made an editor of the page so you can post a wish list as love activists brighton. To ask the community for support/donation of food or equipment needed.

Action: All – Encourage people to drop clothing off at the Love Kitchen. Ree and Helen can store additional things.

Action: Josh/Ree to coordinate the admin support team.

Action: Ree to pin website link to Facebook page.

Action: Jason to enquire whether willing office collective willing to share office transport.

Action: Jacky – Try Mary Magdalen church again for storing stuff – one of their members cooks soup for the hove evening soup run so they are sympathetic. Also try the Unitarian church. Need access to a kitchen for washing up also. In addition ask whether we can store food.

Action: Sandra – to email and contact places also.

Action: Ree to speak to the Cowley Club about potential for storage space.

Action: Ree and Karlos to sort through equipment and make more compact into no more than two wheelie bags plus the table. Need to also put in the guidelines what things not to add.

Action: All – try not to add any superfluous stuff to the street kitchen luggage.

Action: Ree has a phone and Karlos has a SIM – need to combine.

Action All: When equipment gets broken/lost or we are in need of stuff. Message the page with list of stuff after each love kitchen.  Josh – this needs to go in guidelines.

Action: Need to set-up an online calendar on the website.

* Info materials – Street Sheets. Anything else? Flyers for particular other useful services and info not on street sheet or with more info, doctors of the world, bhfp emergency food list, emergency mental health numbers etc. Have a folder of these to put out each week for signposting. 

* Campaigning: Also have petitions/info sheets/flyers for upcoming events and campaigns to talk to people about. Not just LAB but raise support for other groups too such as Living Rent, People’s Assembly etc. to give out to people who want to get involved in other actions. Also a page on the website called Street Stories.

* Book swap box? Love Kitchen radical mini library. Requests for particular books can go on wish list? Hold for now. Previously tried this. Friend Meeting House do a mobile library. Need to confirm whether this is the case. Carry this forward to the next meeting for example when we have a storage place. This could also be part of Love Drawers.

* Musical instruments – Make note of what people would like? Find places to donate them? Could check on Freecycle. Could also encourage people to play. Could play music at the homeless march. Alex offering to bring instruments to the Love Kitchen to play.

* Banners – We need a new Love Kitchen banner


Action: Ree – has a red folder for relevant information. Helen/Jacky/Holly have offered to help. This needs to be part of the equipment.

Action: Ree – include copies of this information online so they can be printed.

Action: All if anybody has information about relevant homeless stories then email to the central email address.

Action: Josh set up a date and a time for Love News sub group. – Chris programming – Alex design and Polly also Jacky. Ree to email for other volunteers.

Action: All grab flyers from upcoming events.

Action: Ree to donate a mini rig to play music – add to kit.

Action: Alex to create new banner get in contact with FREE art group, every Wednesday (2-4pm) at the Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project! Invite people living on the street to make the banner maybe?  Alternatively – If this doesn’t work out, then set up a day to create a banner.

* Discussion of the “not accepting money” policy and how to use this effectively

The group has never accepted monetary donations. Potentially consider a gig or something like that to fund something like the storage, but this would be something that would be done as a independent person – not directly under the banner of Love Activists.

* Treating each other with respect, and not expecting too much of others – anyone’s time and effort, however much, is always appreciated.

* Support – Giving advice to people who are new to Love Kitchen. Everyone to write advice/support/info for volunteering at the love kitchen to put on website and love kitchen event pages?

It’s nice to be nice and it’s okay to say thank you.

* Trying not to create an “us and them” mentality with those we are helping – sometimes when there have been photos being taken. Badges for Love Activist. Also to invite the homeless to come to the meeting and to maybe help cooking. Sometimes the environment is intense.

Action: All – continue to direct people to buy items to donate rather than to take money.


* Update from Fairness Commission meeting – Solution Based Proposals To End Homelessness. Had a full council meeting, had a petition, most gathered by homeless. Were able to present the solution to the council – referred to the Housing and Homes Committee. Trying to get the council to change their approach to dealing with homelessness. Had 5 mins to talk in support of the proposals. It is a new commission set up by the council – 12 independent people. They are academics and ex councilors etc – since September they have chosen themes. Housing is one of the themes. Have private and public meetings and write a report with recommendations to the council. The council is under no obligation to apply the recommendations.
* Feedback about SWEP (severe weather emergency protocol) & council meeting – on 7th Feb – severe weather warning and centres weren’t open. Now have instigated ‘Carelink’ to make sure they monitor. Only follow the guidelines to open if below zero. But don’t take account of the feels like temp – have only used a quarter of the budget. Also only open when there is an amber warning – not yellow. It only opened 6 times last year and the budget didn’t get carried over.

* Demo on 2nd March – No More Deaths On Our Streets: Meet outside friends meeting house 3pm – to express in advance of the Council meeting – as the Love Activists are not allowed to speak at this meeting. At the friends meeting house on Ship Street.
– Bring banners!!
– Need to print off love activists banner signs on Tuesday at Resource Centre.

Peace and environment centre will print A4

– Press should be there: designated people who are up to speed to be interviewed on the day if given the opportunity?

* Hummingbird Project. Refugees welcome – Stand up to racism event in London. March 19th. Join in solidarity? It maybe a good opportunity for Love Activists to communicate/express the overlap between refugees and homeless people in our country/smash racism. That all human beings need a safe home, the global homeless –

Update on rebel Alliance meeting – 23rd March – anti fascist gig at the Cowley Club

Public order act – will prevent camping in forests

Caravans on the street survey – brighton and hove – non motorized vehicles survey.


Action: Ree/Josh to compile information – for parliament

Action: Sharron to engage with Ree and the team – go to Council Meeting for example.

Action: All respond to the non-motorised vehicles survey and pass on.

Action: All – respond to the public order act survey and pass on.