Minutes from Love Kitchen Organisational Meeting 29/2/16

Love Kitchen Organisational Meeting

Monday 29th February
The Cowley Club – 7-9pm

Meeting Chair – Ree Melody & Claire Cant
Minute Taker – Sharron Davis Price

*Most suitable food

Feedback from people living on the street:       

Jacket potato with beans and cheese, mild curry (wrap in foil and put in a container to keep them warm).

Feedback from the group:

It’s really important to have healthy food. Soup is good as hot and drinkable. Fresh Fruit, especially bananas. Jacket potatoes.

Anything hot. Make sure include enough protein. Need carbohydrate to keep warm, but protein is good for repair. Good quality protein, lentils and beans.

Now it’s coming up to summer, need to think for the future, so not just soup.

No rice or beansprouts as there is a risk of campylobacta.

*Supply from surplus groups and other surplus: is there enough supply and if not are we making use of all available.

Fareshare (are they willing to offer for free?).

Have established connections with Food Waste Collective – quarterly, it is dried food including quinoa and soya mince etc.  Get emailed need to go and collect it. Ground almonds, amarand.  The next one is the first week of April.

Can collect supplies from the Junk Food Project on a Friday (1pm) as they have a food bank.

Need to contact Junk Food Project, we have emailed a list of food that is useful for the kitchen – need to contact them to arrange picking it up.

Most pubs do nut roasts on a Sunday, is it possible to get the nut roast from the pub.

Are supermarkets supposed to give away unused food? Can we target them? Locally the supermarkets give food to the Junk Food Project.

Could recruit more local cafes/businesses to donate their surplus too. Get bread from the flowerpot café – but haven’t had anything for the last few weeks, it would be good to find another supplier for bread. Need to be careful not to have mouldy bread. The Real Patiserrie will donate bread. Marmalade will also donate. Clare has experience of Greggs offering food in other areas.

Olio.com – this is a food sharing app. Note post meeting, there is a launch of Olio at One Church on Saturday, 1 til 4, would be good if a representative from Love Kitchen could attend.

*Cooking – Need a cooking rota for people who can cook the day before or that morning and drop food off?


Action: Sandra – linking up with Fareshare – for example coffee

Action: Jacky to go to the next Food Waste Collective information meeting.

Action: Jason to set up a list of what supplies are where on google docs or an alternative potentially zoho docs.

Action: Ree to set up a list of supplies available on the love kitchen organisational page.

Action: Karlos to include a general list of what to get with vouchers etc when hosting.

Action: Adam to contact Real Junk Food Project – need to make this a formalised regular process, they have a lot of food.

Action: Alex offered to help to transport food.

Action: Dom to make bread on a Sunday – Ree has bread flour.

Action: Sandra to set up a file on the Organisation page to track requests made to cafes and shops for surplus food.

Action: Jason to set up the request tracking as a document.

Action: All check with other cafes and report back on the Love Kitchen page.

Action: Vicky to ask the Food Waste Collective to have a copy of the food disclaimer form.

Action: All – try to have hot food for one o’clock when it is cold day.

Action: All add your names to the cooking calendar.

* Recycling and compost.

Brighton compost bin access number 1066. Has to be tested and locate one we can use.

* Keeping things safe and presentable at the kitchen

It will be tourist season soon and don’t want to give any reason to close down the kitchen.


Action: Vicky to check on compost bin access number again with Dave.

Action: All need to have bin bags and to clear it away – rather than putting it in the council bins.

Action: All to keep things tidy.

Action: Josh – Create the Friendly Guide to Hosting.

Action: Josh – The need to clear away the bins needs to be added to the hosting guide.

Action: Owner required. Need hand washing facilities and gloves.

Action: Josh – Need to be careful when replacing gas bottles on the cooker – needs to go in the guidelines.

Action: Ree – Get a simple first aid kit.

Action: Owner required – Investigate training of First Aid.

* Love Kitchen Calendar – Where volunteers can put their name down for hosting/motivating the Love Kitchen on the Sundays they are available.

* Storage and transport –  Would it be useful to look into some sort of central storage space to keep things? Is current storage and transport working okay – currently generally gets taken to Karlos’s house? Will try to find somewhere for free, but could potentially fundraise/crowdfund to pay for a central storage space? Electric bike with trailer? Could also crowdfund for this.

Need to arrange where the food is stored, have lots of food in different place. Offer to store dry food stuff at Karlos. He is moving at the end of June.

There is a product table and a couple of suitcases etc – no problem storing at Karlos’s house, but an overhead for people to pick it up.

Communication: We have a phone.  Need to make sure the host has the phone, needs to go in the hosting guidelines – or maybe the admin team could keep the phone.


Action: Ree to update wish list on the kitchen page.

Action: Ree to add wish lists to website.

Action: All -ask to be made an editor of the page so you can post a wish list as love activists brighton. To ask the community for support/donation of food or equipment needed.

Action: All – Encourage people to drop clothing off at the Love Kitchen. Ree and Helen can store additional things.

Action: Josh/Ree to coordinate the admin support team.

Action: Ree to pin website link to Facebook page.

Action: Jason to enquire whether willing office collective willing to share office transport.

Action: Jacky – Try Mary Magdalen church again for storing stuff – one of their members cooks soup for the hove evening soup run so they are sympathetic. Also try the Unitarian church. Need access to a kitchen for washing up also. In addition ask whether we can store food.

Action: Sandra – to email and contact places also.

Action: Ree to speak to the Cowley Club about potential for storage space.

Action: Ree and Karlos to sort through equipment and make more compact into no more than two wheelie bags plus the table. Need to also put in the guidelines what things not to add.

Action: All – try not to add any superfluous stuff to the street kitchen luggage.

Action: Ree has a phone and Karlos has a SIM – need to combine.

Action All: When equipment gets broken/lost or we are in need of stuff. Message the page with list of stuff after each love kitchen.  Josh – this needs to go in guidelines.

Action: Need to set-up an online calendar on the website.

* Info materials – Street Sheets. Anything else? Flyers for particular other useful services and info not on street sheet or with more info, doctors of the world, bhfp emergency food list, emergency mental health numbers etc. Have a folder of these to put out each week for signposting. 

* Campaigning: Also have petitions/info sheets/flyers for upcoming events and campaigns to talk to people about. Not just LAB but raise support for other groups too such as Living Rent, People’s Assembly etc. to give out to people who want to get involved in other actions. Also a page on the website called Street Stories.

* Book swap box? Love Kitchen radical mini library. Requests for particular books can go on wish list? Hold for now. Previously tried this. Friend Meeting House do a mobile library. Need to confirm whether this is the case. Carry this forward to the next meeting for example when we have a storage place. This could also be part of Love Drawers.

* Musical instruments – Make note of what people would like? Find places to donate them? Could check on Freecycle. Could also encourage people to play. Could play music at the homeless march. Alex offering to bring instruments to the Love Kitchen to play.

* Banners – We need a new Love Kitchen banner


Action: Ree – has a red folder for relevant information. Helen/Jacky/Holly have offered to help. This needs to be part of the equipment.

Action: Ree – include copies of this information online so they can be printed.

Action: All if anybody has information about relevant homeless stories then email to the central email address.

Action: Josh set up a date and a time for Love News sub group. – Chris programming – Alex design and Polly also Jacky. Ree to email for other volunteers.

Action: All grab flyers from upcoming events.

Action: Ree to donate a mini rig to play music – add to kit.

Action: Alex to create new banner get in contact with FREE art group, every Wednesday (2-4pm) at the Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project! Invite people living on the street to make the banner maybe?
https://www.facebook.com/Brighton-Hove-Homeless-Art-Craft-Project-841724779255955/?fref=ts  Alternatively – If this doesn’t work out, then set up a day to create a banner.

* Discussion of the “not accepting money” policy and how to use this effectively

The group has never accepted monetary donations. Potentially consider a gig or something like that to fund something like the storage, but this would be something that would be done as a independent person – not directly under the banner of Love Activists.

* Treating each other with respect, and not expecting too much of others – anyone’s time and effort, however much, is always appreciated.

* Support – Giving advice to people who are new to Love Kitchen. Everyone to write advice/support/info for volunteering at the love kitchen to put on website and love kitchen event pages?

It’s nice to be nice and it’s okay to say thank you.

* Trying not to create an “us and them” mentality with those we are helping – sometimes when there have been photos being taken. Badges for Love Activist. Also to invite the homeless to come to the meeting and to maybe help cooking. Sometimes the environment is intense.

Action: All – continue to direct people to buy items to donate rather than to take money.


* Update from Fairness Commission meeting – Solution Based Proposals To End Homelessness. Had a full council meeting, had a petition, most gathered by homeless. Were able to present the solution to the council – referred to the Housing and Homes Committee. Trying to get the council to change their approach to dealing with homelessness. Had 5 mins to talk in support of the proposals. It is a new commission set up by the council – 12 independent people. They are academics and ex councilors etc – since September they have chosen themes. Housing is one of the themes. Have private and public meetings and write a report with recommendations to the council. The council is under no obligation to apply the recommendations.
* Feedback about SWEP (severe weather emergency protocol) & council meeting – on 7th Feb – severe weather warning and centres weren’t open. Now have instigated ‘Carelink’ to make sure they monitor. Only follow the guidelines to open if below zero. But don’t take account of the feels like temp – have only used a quarter of the budget. Also only open when there is an amber warning – not yellow. It only opened 6 times last year and the budget didn’t get carried over.

* Demo on 2nd March – No More Deaths On Our Streets: Meet outside friends meeting house 3pm – to express in advance of the Council meeting – as the Love Activists are not allowed to speak at this meeting. At the friends meeting house on Ship Street.
– Bring banners!!
– Need to print off love activists banner signs on Tuesday at Resource Centre.

Peace and environment centre will print A4

– Press should be there: designated people who are up to speed to be interviewed on the day if given the opportunity?

* Hummingbird Project. Refugees welcome – Stand up to racism event in London. March 19th. Join in solidarity? It maybe a good opportunity for Love Activists to communicate/express the overlap between refugees and homeless people in our country/smash racism. That all human beings need a safe home, the global homeless – https://www.facebook.com/events/1673735999562507/

Update on rebel Alliance meeting – 23rd March – anti fascist gig at the Cowley Club

Public order act – will prevent camping in forests

Caravans on the street survey – brighton and hove – non motorized vehicles survey.


Action: Ree/Josh to compile information – for parliament

Action: Sharron to engage with Ree and the team – go to Council Meeting for example.

Action: All respond to the non-motorised vehicles survey and pass on.

Action: All – respond to the public order act survey and pass on.


Minutes from meeting 19/1/16

–  Someone mentioned that there is a landlord who will have 25 beds available in Regency Square – to be talked about in another meeting? Majority in favour. Someone to contact landlord to find out more details.

– Re-radicalising the Love Kitchen– More banners pushing for an end to homelessness etc.. Also have petition forms for supporting the Solution Based Proposals To End Homelessness there. Good for connecting with passers by aswell as gathering more signatures.
UPDATE – Also signature/info forms for the new one – Stop Criminalising Homelessness And Begging petition.
– Occupy Democracy Brighton – Possible GAs/discussion forums at love kitchen? Interest was shown by the majority.
–  Dangers of ‘Spice’ to be discussed further. Discussed ‘educating’ managers of head shops. If they refuse to stop selling it, organise small actions outside head-shops and maybe a big campaign? Member of council has mentioned working with us on that/possible available resources (Gov are pushing through a bill to ban all legal highs)
Interest shown for a Anti-Spice Campaign Working Group – Who has the email list of those who were interested? Can all group emails includeloveactivists@riseup.net to see action/updates.
–  Drawers of Kindness – Discussion about providing spaces where people could donate hats, scarves etc…Carla said she would maintain one in her area in seven dials.
Interest shown in setting this up around the city. Who has the email list of those interested? Can all group emails includeloveactivists@riseup.net to see action/updates.
–  Film screening of ‘Estate A’reverie’ on 28th Jan, contact ‘Living Rent’ group and raise support and discuss further action with them at the screening. There was an expressed interest in putting pressure on the ‘Baron Homes’ group. Josh has offered to provide research about Baron Homes prior to film screening on the 28th
– UPDATE: Ree & Amanda went to the film screening (although late, made the discussion part). We now have our own copy of estate a reverie. Had a chat with Living Rent group. They are happy to meet up for discussion on how we can work together more effectively. They can help inform of us of more housing info, council powers etc…
  Student documentary about the Love Kitchen by Maria and Roua is being shown at the Blackbird Film Festival at Onca Gallery 6-9.30pm on the 30th Jan, if anyone is keen to get involved and talk before or after the film get in touch?
–  Action on the 28th at Council Offices – Full Council Meeting ‘Debate on the Solution Based Proposals – Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/201573226860229/
–   March For Homeless on 15th April 2016, make more banners, signs, leaflets
Op Safe Winter Brighton need volunteers for the march and also for street runs taking food and equipment to people living on the street – not sure which nights?
Proposal for Action/Demo sooner to put more pressure on council. The 13th of February at the War Memorial  was discussed. UPDATE – discussion took place and decided to organise after the full council meeting to see what their response is first to decide how to shape the demo. Also that the war memorial might not be the best rally point, perhaps Bartholomew square might be better?
Homeless Peoples Forum – Jackie proposed to set one up so they can voice their concerns and what they would like to see from the council (link to re-radicalising the Love Kitchen)
Love Kitchen
 A calender was set up so people can volunteer as a host – Most dates filled up until mid-March.
Clarified what a host is – Someone who is part of the love kitchen crew, only difference is that they are the one to motivate it for that week. Get the ball rolling, for then people to take on one of the following roles:
  •  set up event page
  •  collect food donation from coop
  •  collect food surplus from various places
  •  help transport the wheelie bags containg kitchen equipment
  • cook some food for the kitchen/collect cooked food
–  More information to be provided @ the Kitchen on Sundays: places to stay, support etc (update existing info sheets on services, Stevie has offered to find up to date street sheets) can be collected from antifreeze on Portland Rd, Hove, possibly Community Base on Queen’s Rd too?
– Real Junk Food Project Brighton – They can sometimes donate food surplus for the kitchen. But we would need to organise letting them know what things we need/find out what they have/organise collection.
–  Endorse Brighthelm food service for homeless people. Maybe check it out first/ask people on the street what its like? (on the 1st Sunday of each month) they have said they could try to make it more regular if they had more volunteers. We discussed how love activists volunteers might be able and willing to help? Questions raised over whether the 50p charge is needed at all and what it covers etc and how this affects the homeless community. Put them in touch with the real junk food project?? Free food surplus-suggest Pay As You Feel Basis like real junk food do instead of chargin 50p?
–  Harry is collecting donated food in the next few weeks from his college? Needs to be stored somewhere…UPDATE – Ree to ask the cowley if we can have small storage shelf in the basement there?
–  Where is kitchen set up? Good weather @ Clock Tower, Bad Weather undercover in front of Community Base Center further up Quens Road on the right.
Posters/stickers etc to advertise? Needs to be clear! Someone to design something! & to find cheap place/free donation of printing?
– Cheap permanent phone for the Kitchen for people to ring on Sundays if they can’t/don’t know where it is. UPDATE – A phone has been donated. Sim card still needed.
Love Activists Meetings – Agreed that it would be good to have a love activists meeting once a month. Will help keep all actions/events focused, improve communication.
Love Activists Social – Josh volunteered to organise/set up event page for this. Volunteers will get to know each other.