Statement Regarding the Proposed Gentrification of King’s House

Love Activists Brighton condemn the ongoing gentrification of our city while homeless people continue to die on our streets. How many more vulnerable human beings will die whilst Brighton & Hove City Council and UK Gov. Plc pass the buck? BHCC offer fine words regarding homelessness but that is all they can offer, because it seems that neither our local authority, nor parliament wield any actual power. The real power lies with the 1%, who evidently care not for the suffering of others.

Kings House should be an asset of community value, used to provide truly affordable and accessible homes for those on the council’s housing waiting list and for those currently without a home. It could be used to expand the successful Housing First model, which has ended homelessness in other parts of the world.

Economically, it would save tax payers money to provide much needed permanent homes in the city rather than funding the extortionately priced and often unkempt emergency and temporary accommodation.

The people of Brighton do not need any more luxury flats.