Last Updated 5/2/17

All contributions of food and/or useful equipment for the Love Kitchen much appreciated!

* Wooden/Bio degradable cutlery (we don’t want to use unrecyclable plastic stuff)
* Foil containers with lids
* Small gas cannisters for stove
* Teabags/Coffee/Sugar
* Disposable gloves

We always need:

* Paper cups
* Foil containers with lids
* Volunteers

Useful equipment for folk living on the street:

* Inflatable roll mats
* Season 4 sleeping bags
* Thermos flasks
* Thermal underwear/socks
* Bivvy bags (helps keep sleeping bags dry)
* Rucksacks
* Hats & gloves
* Waterproof clothing

Thank YOU so much to everybody in our community who has helped make the Love Kitchen happen over the past two years… ❤